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Testimonial to Jane Vedell from Ed Carter

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  1. Ralph Lester Catanghal said

    Jane is by far the best Math tutor I’ve ever had! She cares about her students and that is something that I like about her. She’s very PATIENT in teaching you and helping you understand the concept of the class. In addition, she will even send you a text message just to make sure that you are doing your homework and practicing your exercises. Every time you say “I don’t like this class!” or “This is hard!” or “This class sucks to the max!” or “I don’t need this for my major, it’s not even related!” She will just look at you with a smile on her face and say… “That still doesn’t make math impossible to pass.” If you get her as your tutor; I can assure you that you can see your future in math so bright, you might need your sunglasses to look at it! The best part is… she not only knows Math very well, SHE ALSO KNOWS HOW TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU! Call her right away and experience her tutoring for yourself! Thanks Jane! I owe you my Calculus I! Calculus II will be next!

  2. Ambreen said

    I am a math teacher and I always recommend Jane to students who need tutoring in math. The extra help that Jane provides has dramatically improved students’ performance. I have seen students succeed where there seemed to be little hope. Struggling students flourish because of Jane’s amazing ability to encourage and support each individual student. She focuses on the individual student’s needs as she helps students own their learning. Students become more positive, engaged and motivated in class. I have seen Jane give students a level of confidence that is essential in succeeding. They are not just able to complete assignments–they are understanding and retaining the information. So what does all this mean? IF YOU NEED HELP IN MATH CALL/EMAIL JANE!!

  3. Ariana said

    I wanted to share a little about Jane……By far she is THE BEST tutor I have ever had – and believe me when I say this because I went through three different tutors before I had her. I was having a lot of difficulity in
    Geometry and doing really bad in my class to the point that I was scared and nervous that I wasn’t going to pass my class. My math teacher at school recommended Jane and I am extremely grateful for her! She was so patient with me, and her teaching skills helped me understand what I needed to do. Math to me is a very tough subject, but if you have a tutor like Jane – She will give you the confidence and skills to succeed! I thank her for helping me pass my Geometry Class and I look forward to working with her in Algebra 2! She is incredible and by far the best math tutor any student could have! The only thing I wish, is that I would have found her LONG time ago!!! Thank you Jane for coming to my rescue and helping me get through my toughest subject – MATH!

  4. Marg C. said

    Thank you so much, Jane, for your help. Maggie seemed quite rejuvenated after working with you on Saturday. She was very happy and pleased with how you tutored: allowing her to work on the problems herself and your not doing them for her, and then teaching/explaining/guiding her through the problems; also presenting AND explaining your ways or methods (another or other ways) to do the problems; meticulously working through a problem and explaining each step to her. Also, she respected the way that if your answer differed from the textbook’s or worksheet’s, that you would guide her through where the discrepancy occurred in your answers so that she could follow and understand and learn from the discrepancies. She also said that you were very nice, patient, thorough, and that you definitely know your stuff – which, needless to say, makes us both very happy(smile). Thank you again! We’ll see you on Sunday.

    Marg C.

  5. Carrie said

    Hi Jane!
    I just wanted to thank you for your superior tutoring skills, because now I have (and I am maintaining) an A in my Algebra 2 class and my main benefactors to that are the weird (and AWESOME) Algebra 1 tricks that you taught me!

    I’m stoked for math!

  6. Daniel Satterlee said

    Thanks for all your help this semester. I am now doing great and know exactly where my life is headed.

    Thanks again,

    Daniel Satterlee

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