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About Janejanevedell by judi jordan

I love math and helping students understand it has been my passion for 13 years. And I love bunnies.

All my bunnies have been indoor buns. Each with their own personality ~ the explorer, the guardian, the Queen, and the most laid back of bunnies ~ have taught me patience.

A Little Background

I grew up in Orange, CA with my sister, 2 brothers, dad had his own business and mom stayed home.

Long ago, I worked at a company wanting more. Teaching 2nd grade seemed like a good fit. I returned to college, because a college level math class was required before transferring to University.

I was forced to retake algebra 1 & 2, because it had been too long since I took math classes in High School. Ugh. I was really unhappy. Okay, majorly upset. That meant 3 math classes had to be taken! The college’s reasoning was that after a year, we start to lose math. They were correct.

An amazing thing happened, I loved the math. The problem solving and being able to come up with the right answers. Yay! Time flew while I was doing math. Not that it came easy. It did not. I enjoyed the process. The figuring it out. And, yes, I officially changed to a math major.

At the college, as an Instructional Assistant and a Tutor, I learned …

Also, the knowledge gained while getting an MS in Mathematics, Applied Statistics allows me to help graduate students in nursing, MBA, and other programs with their stats sections.

A Little About Now

Quigley is the most laid back of bunnies, he enjoys the life of an only bun. He came from the local Quigs and his mamaAnimal Shelter. Also, I help fund-raise for a rabbit rescue in Central California.

I continue to help students understand and feel comfortable with math. This helps students eliminate math anxiety, build their self-confidence and math knowledge, and improve their test scores. I work with students from Middle School up to graduate school, from Algebra to Calculus 2 and Statistics.

Math Tutor ~ The best of all worlds ~ Math and Helping students!

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